We cast global, multicultural shows—we want to reflect that on the ADR Stage. Diversity fuels ProADR Looping’s spirit!

Experience the CSA Casting difference for your ADR sessions which no other loop group can provide. 

The ONLY loop group in the industry with an Artios nominated casting director in the Casting Society of America (CSA.)

We are MFA graduates and voice-over master class faculty at Disney's prestigious California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), whose alumni generates some of the most notable members of the film and television industry in Animation and Live-Action.

We have an exceptionally diverse roster of experienced loopers and close relationships with the industry's top voice-over agencies, allowing us to bring the best possible group to even the most meticulous of ADR sessions. 

Our mission is simple. We are committed to bringing the highest level of professionalism and ethical standards to the ADR Looping and Voice-Over profession. 

We do drama. We do comedy. We do live-action. We do animation. We do it all.

We do it best.

​​ProADR Looping & Voice Casting

"Your preparation, research, and casting have been phenomenal and has made my job so much easier. Your huge efforts do not go unnoticed."
Timothy Kimmel |Supervising Sound Editor - Lovecraft Country - HBO  
Emmy Award winning Supervising Sound Editor of Game of Thrones.