"Curating my VO reel with Bernie was such a wonderful experience. I learned so much from the one-on-one reel creation class, and it truly opened my eyes to the world of voice acting. Bernie really paid attention to every nuance, and with all the choices I made he was there to strengthen each and every one of them. This made me feel very confident in the work I did, and I’ll remember his teachings for future VO work. His sound engineer Asher, was also a key player in the creation of my reel. He found all the right sounds and music to score my reel, which made it so much more alive and I couldn’t be happier!"

Henita Telo

ProADR Looping

& Voice Casting

Reel Creation

Want to create a VO Demo Reel that will grab an agent's attention? 

We've produced countless VO Demo Reels for our students, with a 75% booking rate. Our students have signed with top agents, looped for major production companies, and voiced on popular animated and live-action productions.

Our Demo Reels are industry standard, professional, and personalized to capitalize on your unique voice quality. 

We help you research and map out a VO Demo Reel from start to finish. And it won't cost you and arm and a leg.

Whatever VO category you are looking to delve into, we can help guide you with our one-on-one or group remote sessions.

We'll help you design that perfect set-up, whether it's booth-building, choosing the perfect mic, or downloading the appropriate app. In addition, you'll work with our post-production team member to help you choose the ideal music and SPX to underscore your performance, without distracting from it. 

Ready to create that perfect attention-grabbing Demo Reel? We are, if you are!

Class Format: Two 60-minute classes per week for 4 weeks. By the end of the 4 weeks, you'll have the demo of your dreams.