Our one-on-one instruction allows you to learn everything you need to know about the VO industry as we focus all of our attention on you and your distinct talents. Our goal is to give you a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the VO industry: auditioning, looping, ADR, narration, audiobooks, animation, video games, commercials, fiction podcast and VO demo creation to showcase your unique VO talent. 

We believe in respect, positivity and kindness, and that's what you'll get as we help you gain confidence and utilize your acting skills to focus on the crucial skills of VO needed to be current and competitive. 

You will be instructed on how to analyze any script, direct yourself effectively, determine the appropriate delivery of any copy, and perform consistently on each and every "take." In addition, we'll teach you VO etiquette and vocabulary so you can enter any sound stage or recording booth like a seasoned pro. We'll provide you resources and guides that'll impart information that is up-to-date industry standard. You'll also learn about the technical aspects of VO including building a booth, choosing the perfect mic, downloading the appropriate app, and more.

Ready to have fun and get to work?

Class Format: Two 60-minute classes per week for 3 weeks. During this time, you will work on a range of categories representing all aspects of the VO/Looping industry. 


ProADR Looping 

& Voice Casting

One-On-One Training