I just wanted to reach out and thank you for sending along not only the Swan Princess 12 audition, but all the others you have as well. I had a great recording session with Richard and the Swan Princess team, and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work on an animated feature film. Your and ML's support and commitment to helping CalArts alum succeed is wonderful, and deeply appreciated. 

Andie L. (MFA '19)

​​"My first experience in voice-over was nerve-racking and foreign. However, with the guidance provided by our mentors in the voice-over class, there was a constant support system to dive into the unknown. They provided an abundance of information, and in-class practice to explore all the colors of our vocal instrument. Not only one-on-one coaching but also group practices to work with fellow actors in our community. ML and Bernie provided sufficient time for each student to get into the booth and record. No time was wasted. It pushed me to come prepared and work! This is a MUST TAKE class! A number of auditions have also been provided through major production companies; Netflix, HBO, and many more. I got my first professional voice-over gig for the HBO TV series Lovecraft Country through my connections with ML and Bernie. Not only did they vouch for me, but, set up my contract and got me into SAG. I was in the room with professional actors/loopers who had been working for years, it was truly one of the most amazing experiences to be able to grow and get into the industry. This was within 3 months of me graduating!"
Pricilla Chung (MFA ’20)

“Bernie Van De Yacht and ML Gemmill are two of the most passionate, detail-oriented, generous artists I have ever met. They are on the forefront of discovering and supporting new artists while simultaneously collaborating in major network series and projects. These two are the only teachers I have ever had that have actually believed in the talent and dedication of their students; they use every resource they have to get us into paying roles because they value the worth of every single collaborator in a project - no matter how big or small. These are the people who will lead us into a greater generation of art and collaboration.” 
Dana Chariton (MFA ’20)

ML and Bernie are incredible, passionate, gifted teachers, who truly care about their students and their growth with learning the craft of voice-over. All of us in the class where given the chance to record and practice our voice-over skills with their support and guidance. They would coach our voice-over and every time I would get coached by them I would feel more and more confident! They are teachers that teach with their students growth in mind, they teach in a supportive way that encourages growth through exploration! Class with them is fun, informative and they often brought in guests who are working in voice-over. So as students, we were able to connect with the professional world of voice-over as well. Class with them was one of my highlights!  
Symone Holmes (MFA '20)

​"Bernie and ML were the most giving and hands-on teachers I've had. They belong to a growing field, where most training programs overlook or don't give enough attention to. It was a huge advantage having them as instructors because their critique and expertise is spot-on as current professionals in the voice-over world."

Jahmone Duhaney (MFA '19)

“Your voice-over class was welcoming and gave me the permission to find my voice through your direction and mentorship.  Your recommendations for industry standard recording equipment and the mic techniques that your class taught me have been crucial in my voice-over auditions.”

Rub​i​n Rubio (MFA '19)

“ML Gemmill and Bernie Van De Yacht haven’t only been dedicated teachers, but true supporters of my career after graduation. The adept instruction, kind encouragement, and wonderful opportunities they have to offer have made me a confident voice actor in and out of the classroom.”

Marcus Baldwin (MFA ’20)

"Bernard Van De Yacht and ML Gemmill are exemplary teachers who go above and beyond for their students. They are inspiring Looping and voice artists who operate with the utmost professionalism. Above all, they are lovely, kind people who make exceptional work."

Jesse LeVesconte (MFA ’20)

“Bernie and ML were two of my best instructors during my time at CalArts.  Not only were they always prepared for class, but they brought in industry professionals to talk to us regularly as well. ML and Bernie know the business, communicate very well together and are always on the same page so there was never confusion about what was expected of us as their students. They set the participation bar high in class and continually pushed us to be better and try different things every day. While this would force us out of our comfort zones most days (even if we “didn’t feel ready”), they also cultivated an environment in the classroom that allowed us to leap knowing if we failed or didn’t have the outcome we expected, we could learn and grow from those moments. To me, there is nothing better than a teacher (or teachers) that can push me out of where I feel comfortable while also encouraging me and supporting me along the way.”

Julianne Higgins (MFA ’19)

"Bernie and ML expanded my understanding of reels, taught me industry lingo, introduced me to a diverse number of amazing working artists, and most of all, made it clear from start to finish they were pushing for me to succeed. One of the best classes I've taken!"

Socks Whitmore (MFA ’20)

“As a bilingual student, I appreciated Bernie and ML’s ability to help me work on my skills in both Spanish and English. They are dedicated, professional, and more importantly pleasant to learn from.”

Fernando Mitre (MFA ’19)

“ML & Bernie amplify what it means to truly operate in a spirit of excellence! Their expansive instruction, personal mentorship, and unwavering support truly pulls the gold out of all of their students and calls forth our innate superpower, our individuality. Driven by generosity and pure hearts, ML & Bernie have one very clear goal in mind, to see EVERYONE win!”  

Derek Jackson (MFA ’20)

"Bernie and ML create an enthusiastic and encouraging environment to learn in. While gaining a meaningful amount of information on voice-over (from terminology to tools), I also always felt supported to pursue any aspect of voice-over that interested me."

Juliana Morgan (MFA ’20)

“ML and Bernie are the kind of teachers you hear professionals talk about who were instrumental to starting their careers. The knowledge and expertise in voice-over, not to mention the encouragement and support that they provide are unparalleled, and they have generously continued to mentor me even long after the course had ended.”  

Hao Feng (MFA ’20) 

“Being in ML and Bernie’s class was a TREMENDOUS experience! I learned so much in a short amount of time and would absolutely take it again if I could! From the techniques they taught us, which proved very helpful, and the opportunities they sent our way I couldn’t be more happy and grateful that I was a student in their class! 
P.S. The great guests they would invite in were just the icing on the cake!”

Terry Wayne, Jr. - Cal Arts c/o ‘20 

“Bernie and ML create a very supportive and encouraging environment in their classroom. They are some of the most generous teachers I have had. They go above and beyond with providing their students real world work opportunities.”

Gabriel Rivas (MFA ’20)

"ML and Bernie have proven to be reliably dedicated to the welfare of their students. This dedication is what sets them apart from other instructors in an increasingly competitive professional climate." 
Samuel Camp (MFA ’19)

“ML and Bernie are fantastic mentors. Both in their ability to impart the fundamentals of the craft to novices, as well as tailor specific and personal guidance toward one entering a very intimidating industry.” 
Everett Keeter (MFA ’19)

“Having the opportunity to learn the world of voice over under Bernie and ML has been an absolute honor. With the little time that we had with them, they have gone above and beyond any expectations or standards that I had going into their classes. Not only did they introduce us to the many forms of voice over, they also presented a variety of guest speakers who work in the field, as well as provided their honest feedback whenever a student was in the booth recording. They helped us graduating students at CalArts put together a reel, and taught us how we can continue editing our own material. In addition, they even helped us out by getting us the ability to submit auditions for a few companies during the pandemic. The two of them have such excitement for their craft and it truly shines through their teaching. I learned so much about voice over work in Looping, Animation, Trailers, Commercials, Audiobooks, Narration and so much more. Words can’t even describe how unbelievably amazing and dedicated Bernie and ML are to their craft, their students, and the entire voice over community.” 
Rebecca Lerman (MFA ’20)

"This class is an absolute game-changer for young artists preparing to enter the industry. Not only were we taught about the voice over industry and given tips and guidance for starting our careers, but we were also given priceless hands-on experience that you don't often get in academic settings. ML and Bernie revolutionized the training for acting students in their final year by creating a course that prepared us for the future while helping us to create professional voice-over reels and make incredible industry contacts. They went above and beyond each class period, and even set up several professional auditions for students. This is more than a class - it's a catalyst for a successful launch into the professional environment." 
LaurenSage Browning (MFA ’20)

“ML & Bernie are pros at what they do and are incredibly generous with their time and knowledge. They show such genuine care for their students and imbue their coaching with so much enthusiasm and attention to detail. They truly are the best!” 
Elizabeth Waller (MFA ’20)

“They really helped me find the confidence to become a VO actor. I had never done VO before and after their class I felt like it opened up a whole new world of acting for me that I never thought myself capable of doing and one that I can monetize as well. Every second of it I was encouraged to try and just have fun, and that made VO the most enjoyable work I have ever done.”

Jorge Luis Figueroa (MFA '20)




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