Mary Louise (ML) is a highly trained actor who has performed in theatrical productions, both Off-Broadway and regionally. Her voiceover career began in the early 80s and has since spanned various mediums, including films, video games, animation, commercials, and art installments. ML has also written three video games, was an original staff writer on Alpha Team, and a top Prime Time medical drama series for SAT 1 in Hamburg, Germany. She has been a ghostwriter for several feature films and television pilots. She is a voracious creator of her properties. She runs ProADR Looping, the only loop group with CSA voice casting credentials, with her business partner Bernie Van De Yacht. And they both teach a master class in voiceover at their Alma mater, CalArts. In addition to her work, ML enjoys mentoring the next generation of CalArts voiceover artists, creating, and producing independent films, and golfing.

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